Lazysodium powered projects

A list of all the great projects that use Lazysodium reside on this page.

The table below shows what the project is titled, a short description of the project, whether it is Android compatible and whether it is Java compatible.


Short description



Lazysodium: The Android App

Download our open-source app that showcases some of Lazysodium's features.


CardPaymentSDK is a card payments library to make payments through several payment methods painless. It uses PayPay as an endpoint to establish a payment security channel.


Java Implementation of Platform-Agnostic Security Tokens.


A super secure diary/journal that provides end to end encryption.

Threema (SaltyRTC)

Threema is a global end-to-end encrypted chatting app and SaltyRTC is their protocol for encryption. We're very happy to be used in such a popular application 😄


Used by the government of Ecuador's Ministry of Health to encrypt and sign a list of ambulatory care and consultations.


An encrypted NoSQL database designed from the ground-up for user privacy and security.


The most private messenger possible. Your device does not store any info. It directly interacts with the blockchain, where every byte is fully-encrypted.


A small TCP server written in Java powered by Netty, an asynchronous networking library.

Regen Ledger

A global marketplace & contracting platform for Earth's ecosystem assets, services, and data.


The TezosJ SDK library enables plain Java developers to create applications that communicates with Tezos blockchain.


Exonum Java Binding is a framework for building blockchain applications in Java, powered by Exonum.


A password manager protected against quantum computers.


A library for facilitating hashed based KDF signature authentication, and end-to-end encrypted communication with compatible API's.


The primary purpose of this library is to make small tasks easy, and provide better integration with the JSSE stack. This library implements a set of "fluent" API builders for the classes, and provides more typesafe, intuitive API to access trust stores, key stores and keys


Android client for making encrypted calls using a custom call operator. All calls are end to end encrypted using the Lazysodium library.

Nativescript Simple Libsodium

Using this plugin you will be able to use Libsodium directly within your NativeScript projects.